Yeast Doughnuts from Vortex in Asheville, NC.

Vortex Doughnuts will suck you in

If the vortex is filled with the pillow-esque doughnuts from Vortex Doughnuts in Asheville, then I’d gladly get sucked in. The salted caramel and dark chocolate yeast doughnut from the shop easily ranked in the Top 5 doughnuts that I’ve tried. And I’ll say this, these doughnuts make Krispy Kreme taste like garbage. The 1000 Faces coffee that Vortex serves is also top-notch. The trendy space, which looks like it was plucked from somewhere in Brooklyn, and transported to South Slope, is comfortable enough to really take pleasure in chomping down on a doughnut with aplomb and enjoying a hot cup of 1000 Faces Coffee. I left thanking god that I didn’t leave nearby or I’d easily balloon in size.

VORTEX DOUGHNUTS |  32 Banks Ave. #106 Asheville NC 28801 |  919.552.3010

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