Seattle-based Mod Pizza serves fast-fired 11" artisan pizzas to the masses.

The customizable appeal of Raleigh’s MOD Pizza

The Chipotle economy has given rise to the trend of customizable individual, “artisan” pizzas where customers can pile on any combination of sauce, cheese and toppings. Seattle-based MOD Pizza is one of the constellation of made-to-order fast-casual pizza shops that has cropped up in the Triangle the last couple of years. .

For those that enjoy a fast-fired pizza, a simple pizzeria concept like MOD Pizza sounds enticing. Like competitors Blaze Pizza and Pieology, MOD Pizza offers ten standard pies and salads, and then a chance to become your own pizza (or salad) wizard as you whisk down the line, pointing your finger wand towards toppings like chopped basil, mozzarella and pepperoni with indiscriminate, unlimited whimsy to build your own 11” pizza ($7.77).

But, is the pizza any good?

Despite mediocre expectations, the Dominic, with added roasted red peppers, exudes a pleasant robust flavor. The house white sauce and asiago cheese are evenly distributed. The crust is thin and crispy (MOD Pizza offers a thicker crust at an extra cost). The sliced tomato and sausage are plentiful. The size is ample. The pizza is cooked thoroughly and is piping hot as it arrives (unlike a previous experience at Pieology).  You can wash down slices of the pizza with housemade teas, lemonades, hand-spun shakes and beer or wine.

It’s a good value, especially for $7.77 and unlimited toppings. Just don’t expect great. It won’t be Lilly’s Pizza; it won’t have that hand-tossed, slightly sweet crust and it won’t have that quirky, bric-a-brac ambiance that you might expect from a local pizza joint. Instead, it’ll be a little sterile inside, but it will move you through quickly, and will offer you a pretty decent pizza.

Most satisfyingly of all, MOD Pizza will satiate that deep-seated need to assert yourself as an individual, one that chooses to “express” yourself through your pizza choice, as the chain emphatically advertises. You are a special snowflake, and so it should reflect as much in your pizza. Screw sharing an extra large with others. You be you, and for that need, MOD Pizza delivers.

MOD PIZZA | 2071 W. Millbrook Road, # 103 | 919.987.3668

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