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Revel in the ramen at Charlotte’s Futo Buta

Right off the Bland Street light rail station in Charlotte lies Futo Buta, a hip, idiosyncratic ramen-ya that serves some of the best ramen in […]

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Tackling Tokyo: exploring the best food city in the world (Part 3)

This is the last part of a three-part series that recaps my recent vacation to Tokyo. You can see part one here and part two here.  […]

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Tackling Tokyo: exploring the best food city in the world (Part 1)

One trip to Tokyo is hardly enough time to fully grasp the massive city. But, with six full days in our vacation, my husband and […]

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Tepid tonkotsu ramen at Raleigh’s Sono

Sweater weather is finally upon us, and my husband and I find ourselves craving a bowl of ramen. We truck into downtown Raleigh and plant […]

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Grub Street Diet: Day 1 in New York City

DAY 1: Thursday  As soon as the plane wheels skid the ground in New York City, my husband and I make a beeline for the […]

Tonkotsu ramen at Cary's Noodle Boulevard
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Slurp up! Cary’s latest ramen spot Noodle Blvd worth the visit

Cary’s latest ramen spot Noodle Blvd has only been open a paltry two months, but the little noodle eatery is already worth a visit. The inside […]

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Durham’s Dashi fits the bill

The Triangle finally got a dedicated ramen parlor. Dashi on 415 East Chapel Hill Street in Durham opened in last year to high anticipation after […]