A close-up of the avocado toast at Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville.

Sunny Point Café: a bright spot in West Asheville

Asheville’s Sunny Point Café seems to encapsulate everything that is Asheville: local, laid-back, friendly, dog-friendly and eccentric.

Its good reputation feeds its immense popularity and thus my husband and I find ourselves waiting for nearly an hour and half outside terrace on for a table inside the packed breakfast and brunch restaurant. Outside it’s a mix of tourists and locals patiently communing under the shade of the surrounding trees, clutching flutes of mimosas and mugs of morning coffee (Sunny Point Café offers drink and pastry service to those waiting for tables) while we listen to the dulcet tones of a local band that’s playing for the loitering guests.

Avocado toast with herb spuds at Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville.

My phone soon dings with a text and we are whisked away to a snug table cramped underneath the covered patio. A particularly chipper server approaches the table as we survey the menu that’s replete with sweet and savory items made-from-scratch. Nearly everything sounds tempting. Pecan Fried Green Tomatoes? Shrimp and Grits? Oatmeal Banana Hotcakes? Huevos Rancheros? Our server prods us towards the avocado toast ($12), proclaiming that it’s his favorite, and I bite. My husband springs for the breakfast sandwich and an IPA.

Avocado toast may be trendy and eye-roll inducing to some, but it’s still a substantive dish. At Sunny Point Café, it’s a towering concoction with crisped caramelized bacon, sprigs of arugula, sliced tomato and an over-easy egg piled onto a foundation slice of Texas Toast slathered with the creamy avocado spread. To conquer the dish takes several napkins and a few agile moves, but it’s not hard given how satisfying the dish is, especially after the long wait. The herb spuds are crisped and very aromatic.

Our Favorite Breakfast Sandwich at Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville.

My husband’s breakfast croissant ($9.50) is equally as generous in portion size, a sandwich stacked with roasted tomatoes, bits of bacon, a cheddar omelette and smeared with a chipotle aioli. The side salad served with a house made honey hemp dressing is a particularly light, delightful surprise on the sweltering summer July day.

As we depart from Sunny Point Café to cross Haywood Road back to our car, it’s nearly two-and-a-half hours from when we first set out for breakfast and brunch. The saying goes that all good things come to those who wait—and it certainly rings true for the fare at this restaurant—but I’d much rather settle for less of one. Still, for those who are on a more leisurely schedule, Sunny Point Café will indeed imbue brightness into your day.

SUNNY POINT CAFÉ | 626 Haywood Road Asheville NC 28806 | 828.252.0055

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