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Raleigh’s Thaiphoon Bistro: now serving ramen

I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the prospects of ordering ramen at a Thai restaurant on Glenwood South.

But, as a meeting with friends who were curious would have it, I soldiered on Thaiphoon Bistro onto “GloSo” to try out the newly-installed ramen menu and was pleasantly surprised at the deliciousness of my bowl of spicy miso ramen.

Though the bowl seemed aridly composed with its lone slice of charsiu pork and fish cake, and a smattering of woodear and scallion spears, the foundation of the ramen—the creamy, ruddy miso broth with its palpable depth from the soybean paste—was quite comforting on the brisk April evening.  The yellow alkaline noodles exuded a nice, toothy bounce and lasted well in the hot broth. Had I been slightly more nitpicky that night, I would have had issues with the charsiu pork, which was overly sinewy and disappointingly bland in its absence of any roasted flavor. But alas, I was dining at a restaurant more known for its Thai cuisine that its selection of ramen noodles, whose pivoted addition to the regular menu seemed like a concerted effort to boost lackluster business in order to capitalize on the nationally trendy dish.

Spicy miso #ramen in #Raleigh!

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The bowl of spicy miso ramen at almost $10 was acceptable, especially compared to other ramen options around town where prices can climb to the $15 range. Thaiphoon Bistro also offers a host of other traditional ramen varieties including tsukemen and tonkotsu and more non-traditional offerings like tom yum and kimchi.

One bit of warning while trying the ramen at the downtown Raleigh eatery though; the service was rather haphazard the night that I was there and there were only perhaps no more than five other tables in the dining area.  

Also, an additional tip: Parking can be tough around the Glenwood South area. If you dine at Thaiphoon Bistro, you may park in the lot directly behind the restaurant and get a validated ticket from the server for complimentary parking.

THAIPHOON BISTRO | 301 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh NC 27603 | 919.720.4034

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