Raleigh’s Grabbagreen offers families a healthier alternative

Raleigh’s Grabbagreen offers families a healthier alternative

After indulging in a juicy burger and greasy fries on Friday night, my better judgement implored me the next day to seek a meal anathema to the destruction I wreaked on my body earlier. And so the new North Hills eatery Grabbagreen swooped in, in a heroic gesture, to wrest me away from greasy meat and deep-fried carbs.

Despite its rather unfortunate logo (see suggestive picture of an Incredible Hulk-ish  hand literally grabbing a bulbous broccoli stalk), Grabbagreen is a bright, fresh “Midtown” addition to the burgeoning Raleigh healthy restaurant and juice bar scene that includes vegetarian-friendly, raw-friendly spots like Living Kitchen, b.good, and Raleigh Raw.

Healthier food always comes at a premium cost, and so is the case at Grabbagreen. For $10, you can choose from an assortment of Grabba Grain boxes, to-go cardboard cartons filled with grains (quinoa noodles or brown rice), seafood or meat, herbs, nuts and veggies. Grabbagreen also offers a selection of salads called Grabba Green, pressed juices and smoothies.

Most distinctly from similar healthy food stores, the Arizona-based fast casual chain also includes kids in their menu; it offers a five-dollar youth menu that includes a macaroni and cheese dish that uses quinoa for a base instead of the traditional elbow macaroni pasta, and it also offers kid-sized smoothies.

Tokyo Bay Grabba Grain at Raleigh's Grabbagreen.
Tokyo Bay Grabba Grain at Raleigh’s Grabbagreen in the North Hills shopping center.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, the Tokyo Bay grain bowl isn’t a bad choice. At 558 calories, it’s an assembled portion of appealingly chromatic food: a mound of brown rice under a canopy of fresh avocado, julienned carrot, edamame , broccoli and shards of green onion. It’s topped by sizable chunks of salmon and drizzled in a tangy miso ginger dressing. If you’re seeking a magnanimous amount of food, this likely won’t tide you over to the next meal, but if you are a fan of the trendy clean and healthy ethos, this likely will be your new favorite spot.

Grabbagreen touts that it only uses whole foods, and that nearly every ingredient that it uses is organic. Locavores might also like that the fact that Grabbagreen utilizes North and South Carolina purveyors in its regional stores when possible.

There will likely be those that grouse that Grabbagreen is too pricey, but for a few dollars more than a fast-food combo, the transparency knowing the exact ingredients that you are ingesting into your body might be worth it, if you have the resources. The food doesn’t take that long to receive either; in my experience, I received my food in less than five minutes after ordering.

The only detraction from the North Hills Grabbagreen may be its unfortunate location, wedged between two sparsely-visited boutiques in the shopping center and obscured from street view. Still, for a healthier meal, it might be worth the extra effort to seek it out.

GRABBAGREEN | 4421 – 103 B Six Forks Road Raleigh NC 27609 | 919.326.7799

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