Times Square Pizza from Peri Brothers Pizza in Raleigh

New name, same solid pizza at Raleigh’s Peri Brothers Pizza

Through its name changes and owners, Raleigh’s Peri Brothers Pizza (formerly Camos Brothers and Fuhgeddaboudit Pizza) remains a solid neighborhood pizza joint located in the Celebration at Six Forks shopping center. It’s the type of New York thin-crust pizza joint that you might tow the whole family, or your pooch, judging by the dog bowls of water outside on the patio, for a decent slice of pie. No frou-frou artisanal ingredients that require you to use Google translate to decipher exactly what you’re ordering here, just good old-fashioned pizza, sold whole or by the slice, with fast and friendly service.

If you order at the counter, and then sit-down to wait for your pizza, you might encounter a server that slides you a plate of complimentary garlic knots and a tub of marinara sauce for “while you wait” he says. The cacophony of sounds circulating through the dining room might lull you into an oddly relaxed state: the constant ringing of the telephone with incoming pizza orders, the pitter-patter of squealing kids chasing each other, and the constant droning of the television that hangs overhead with Elizabeth Gardner explaining this week’s weather forecast.

The 14-inch Times Square will likely satisfy most any of your pizza cravings. You can nash your teeth into the pliable slice, folding it half if you so desire, as you arch your head over a paper plate careful not to let the peppers, sausage and pepperoni garnish tumble down errantly. You might find that the crust is nicely crispy, the robust red sauce well-pureed and the slice carpeted with a good amount of mozzarella. It tastes like a bite of New York, but even better with the added bonus of Southern hospitality.

Those seeking the lighter side of things might veer towards the salads, available in half or full portions, that come in their own bread bowls. It’s a peculiar idea, surely devised as a way to use extra dough, in an inventive manner. The garden salad is a mound of organic mixed greens, topped with a generous amount of mushrooms, shredded carrots, olives and green peppers bedded in crispy bread bowl that looks like an edible version of the Coliseum. If you’re looking to avoid a dental injury, you might want to skip gnawing down on the side pieces that may be entirely too brittle to really enjoy.

PERI BROTHERS PIZZA | 7321 Six Forks Road Raleigh NC 27615 | 919.844.6692

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