Kung Fu Milk Tea with bubbles and Strawberry Lemonade at Kung Fu Tea in Cary.

Kung Fu Tea: the latest spot in Cary to get your bubble tea fix

Bubble tea lovers, rejoice! You now have a new spot to get your bubble tea fix in Cary at the newly-opened Kung Fu Tea located in the Preston Corners shopping center next to Lowe’s Foods off High House Road.

The store is its first location in North Carolina, whose headquarters is based out of Flushing, New York. Kung Fu Tea specializes in bubble tea (also known as boba), the popular milk-infused iced tea drink filled with pearl tapioca balls sucked through a thick straw that originates from Taiwan.

Like Starbucks, customers at Kung Fu Tea can customize their own “hand-crafted” tea experience. But, instead of coffee or espresso, the experience revolves around tea, which Kung Fu Tea claims is sourced from the mountains of Taiwan and is brewed fresh in-house every three hours.

Step foot into the streamlined store and you can decide on a hot or iced drink, and which type of base, whether milk, fruit, or tea. You can be specific how much real cane sugar and amount of ice to add to each cup. You can also add standard ($.50) or premium toppings ($.75) like fresh made bubbles, an assortment of jellies and even popping bubbles (these burst in your mouth) to your drink. Milk caps can also be added to each drink for an additional $1 charge.

Kung Fu Milk Tea with bubbles and Strawberry Lemonade at Kung Fu Tea in Cary.

Drinks come in a medium or a large size and start at $2.50, with most averaging about $3. Those that are lactose-intolerant might be happy to find a selection of drinks called Milk Strikes that feature Lactaid and dairy-free ingredients. Slushies made with ingredients like taro, the purple-tinged root vegetable, are also heavily promoted throughout the brightly-lit store inside the Cary strip mall.

Once you place your order at the front register at Kung Fu Tea, you wait alongside the bar for your number to be called as the employees make the drinks to order. After you receive your drink, which is sealed in plastic cellophane printed with colorful Kung Fu Tea sayings, you can place your thumb on top of the fat straw and pierce the plastic cellophane to enjoy its contents.

The cellophane lids at Kung Fu Tea in Cary.

My own experience at Kung Fu Tea is abbreviated, but pleasant. The best-seller, the Kung Fu Milk Tea, exudes a nice steeped tea flavor rounded out by the creamy milk and a respectable amount of bouncy, chewy tapioca pearls. The Strawberry Lemonade is passable, but errs a little too much on the saccharine side. On a return trip, I might opt for a fruit slushie if I’m searching for a cold, refreshing and non-caffeinated treat.

KUNG FU TEA | 966 High House Road #124 Cary, NC 27513 | 919.650.1522



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