Key Lime Ginger Snap ice cream at Two Roosters in Raleigh.

Hot temps call for ice cream at Two Roosters Ice Cream in Raleigh

From camper to storefront, Two Roosters Ice Cream has found a new permanent home in a North Raleigh brick-and-mortar location, nestled next to craft beer bottle shop Bottle Rev 3 and Gonza Tacos y Tequila in the Greystone Village shopping center.

On a sizzling July Friday night with record high temperatures, flocks of kids and their parents are indulging in the cold, sweet handmade treat on the outdoor picnic tables shared between Bottle Rev 3 and Two Roosters. There’s a ping pong table outside as well, with a sign hung on Bottle Rev’s window reinforcing that the table is there for “Ping Pong only” and not “Beer Pong”.  Adults clutching their pint glasses of craft beer juxtaposed against sugar-buzzed kids slurping on ice cream makes for quite a scene of folly in the Raleigh strip mall.

Cookies and Cream ice cream at Two Roosters in Raleigh.

Emblazoned inside the newly-minted ice cream shop is the vintage-inspired turquoise and scarlet red Two Roosters logo backdrop against a mostly spare space with Edison-bulb pendant lighting overhead and metal bucket barstool seating next to the counter.  A letterboard menu hangs above the counter displaying the ice cream flavors that are divided into two main sections:  “The Regulars” and “The Guests”.

The “Regular” flavors on that particular night include: Double Fold Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Girl Scout Mint, Coffee Bourbon, Cinnamon Donut and Cookies and Cream. “Guests”  flavors like the Key Lime Ginger Snap, Pizza, Whiskey Pecan or Leprechaun’s Delight are more provocative and creative. The line is long that night, and I resist the urge to even inquire what Leprechaun’s Delight is, as macabre thoughts of the early 1990’s horror film that shares the same first name swirls around my mind.

Key Lime Ginger Snap ice cream at Two Roosters in Raleigh.

I’m too intimidated by the pizza flavor and retreat back to the classic Cookies and Cream flavor while my husband chooses the Key Lime Ginger Snap with lustful abandon. The Cookies and Cream is a classic rendition, with its creamy vanilla ice cream and big chunks of chocolate cookie. The amount of cookie is generous, and far more than you would find at any chain ice cream shop. The Key Lime Ginger Snap is zesty, imbued with lip-puckering Key lime citrus flavor and loaded with plentiful bites of gingersnap cookies.

At $4 for a kid’s size serving, and $5 and $7 for single and double scoops respectively, the ice cream is a tad on the pricier side. Extra toppings and the option for a waffle cone cost $1 extra, while pints-to-go are also offered at $8 each. Is it on the costlier side? Yes, especially if you’re rolling in with a big family. But, is it worth it? Yep. The ice cream is hand crafted, with many flavor collaborations using local artisanal products, and it’s a sweet chance to support the local community.


TWO ROOSTERS ICE CREAM | 7713 Lead Mine Road Raleigh NC 27615 | 919.803.9369


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