BBQ Plate Buxton Hall BBQ

Divine BBQ at Asheville’s Buxton Hall Barbecue

Nationally, the barbecue trend seems to be getting more and more chic. But, here in the South, it’s just a way of life. In Asheville, barbecue gets a little bit of a hipster polish at South Slope’s Buxton Hall Barbecue. The trendy enclave is the new home to the latest partnership of Elliott Moss (formerly of The Admiral) and Chai Pani’s Meherwan Irani. The expansive space, a rehabbed skating rink, is beautifully lit by towering windows on both sides. As you get led to your seats, don’t be surprised if you get a good glimpse of your dinner that night, chances are that the locally-sourced pig will be splayed out on display in the open kitchen on your left-hand side. Smells of the pit-smoked barbecue and embered vegetables waft over from that same open kitchen, enough to whet your appetite as you ponder which bottle of sauce on the table, tomato or vinegar, that you’ll soon be dousing your meat with. If you ordered what I did, a pulled BBQ plate, served with a ceramic tub of charred Brussels sprouts and tangy collard greens, you’ll be saddled with regret that you didn’t save more room for Buxton’s wide array of home-style pies and cakes protected under individual white food tents on the table across from the bar. There’s always next time.

BUXTON HALL BARBECUE |  32 Banks Ave. Asheville NC 28801 |  828.232.7216

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