Pork Belly Burrito

Bites from Downtown Raleigh’s Food Truck Rodeo

Dank Burrito. Never has a name been so apropos for a food truck. The pork belly burrito, made with kimchee, pickled veggies and pork belly, is indeed fit for a person with late-night “cravings” or perhaps for a food truck reveler roaming around at a downtown food truck rodeo. The crispy, pickled veggies cut the unctuousness of the pork belly perfectly and pair well with the creamy sour cream and the sweet Thai chili sauce drizzled throughout. It’s no wonder why the food truck has evolved into a brick-and-mortar location in Morehead City.

Bo’s Kitchen gives customers a clear glimpse into what makes Chef Gavin Bo Kwon tick. Good, nutritious Korean street food inspired by his background. The bulgogi (marinated ribye) is tenderly savory and sweet and a great introduction to Korean food, though the dish could be slightly more refined without the bed of greens on the side. Still, the Korean street food truck is a welcome addition to the cavalcade of trucks in the area.

Bo's Kitchen Food Truck
Bo’s Kitchen

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