Capital Club 16

Beyond brunch basics at Capital Club 16

I’m always more in love with the idea of brunch than the typical brunch spread. Lifeless sausage patties and anemic hollandaise sauce? Flutes filled with orange juice and cheap champagne? Hmm. Thanks, but really no thanks.
Despite my disdain with trite brunch offerings, I still cannot pass up an opportunity to meet with friends for brunch on Sunday afternoon. And, so I found myself at table at downtown Raleigh’s Capital Club 16 for brunch on Sunday at 1:30 p.m..
Bleary-eyed (not from a hangover, just from being old), I guzzled a well-worn mug of hot and aromatic Counter Culture coffee and, in search for a reprieve from scrambled eggs and anything with the word “Benedict”, I munched on Capital Club 16’s Summer Crisp Salad. Bespoke with curls of crispy parsnips, cranberries and crumbles of goat cheese, the salad topped with a latke and a fried egg proved to be a refreshing diversion from heavier fare. I had to do some wrestling work to untangle the Raleigh City Greens on the plate, but that was practically the only distraction.
Service was amusing, mostly because our group was greeted with a mirthful “wassup?” from our server before taking our seats. Perhaps it was an au courant nod to the hip diners crowded around the reclaimed wood tables and huddled around the vintage bar.
A bright spot in the downtown area, Capital Club 16 does shine above many others when it comes to brunch because it aims to offer something different with its European-inspired menu.

CAPITAL CLUB 16 |  16 West Martin Street Raleigh NC 27601 |  919.747.9345

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