Himalayan Range Nepali in Cary. Saag paneer and goat curry.

A ride to “flavortown” at Cary’s Himalayan Range Nepali

Though your experiences with “Himalaya” might not extend beyond the centrifugal carnival ride at the North Carolina State Fair and the blush-colored sea salt, you’d be remiss to overlook the new Himalayan Range Nepali restaurant off Northeast Maynard Road in Cary.

If you want a real ride—to flavortown—Himalayan Range Nepali (not to be confused with Himalayan Nepali, the eatery that Range’s owners previously oversaw) is your spot. At Himalayan Range, your taste buds will kick into overdrive, eager to sop up the many spices and curries of Nepalese cuisine, one that’s imbued with heavy influences from China, Thailand, Tibet and India.

For an appetizer, you might start with the Gobi Manchurian, florets of cauliflower coated in batter, fried and tossed in a scarlet red thick chili, capsicum and ginger gravy. At $2.99 for a heaping platter of the deep-fried cruciferous vegetable, it’s quite a steal. Lovers of momo, Himalayan-style dumplings, little steamed purses of dough wrapped securely around minced chicken and vegetables and spices, will be wise to order a couple of those as well.


If you’re seeking a respite from meat, the traditional saag paneer (available mild, medium or hot) might be the answer, a heaping portion of spinach creamed with little cubes of paneer cheese and tossed with fenugreek and a healthy dose of chilies and spices.

Saag paneer

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And, if you want to get your own goat, you can do that too at Himalayan Range where goat curry is on the menu. If you order yours “hot”, like my husband did on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll receive a fiery metal tub of tender chunks of goat, tossed in an aromatic stew of garlic, spices and ginger. Alternate the goat curry with scoops of basmati and opt for the garlic naan, blistered bread sprinkled with small bits of garlic, to mop up the leftover stew and you’ll be set.

Goat curry

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Places like Himalayan Range Nepali rarely get the attention that they should in the local food press and it’s too bad. The truth is that the “ethnic” scene in Cary and Morrisville is really too hot to ignore at the moment. When eateries are getting parsed into subcategories like Szechuan, Turkish, Taiwanese, and Nepalese, you know it’s getting good. But too bad it’s not getting recognized enough. In this case, their neglect can be your own gain—be your own Jonathan Gold.

Yes, the strip-mall ambiance is straightforward and perhaps too simple. There are neat rows of booths, tables and chairs and the walls are spare. But, the service is on-point, friendly and eager-to-please. And, the food is spectacular, especially for the price. And when the dishes are that good, not much else is needed to pay a visit. You won’t regret it.

HIMALAYAN RANGE NEPALI | 910 NE Maynard Road Cary NC 27513 | 919.378.9586

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